Monday, October 29, 2018


Progress reports were supposed to go home today.  It was my plan to put them in the mailboxes at the end of the day; however, it slipped my mind.  I apologize.  I did hand out a few to students who I spotted in the hallway on their way out, but I missed several.  Progress reports are currently in their mailboxes and should come home tomorrow.  Again, I apologize.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Movie theme projects are due next Friday, November 2nd.  This weekend would be a good time to work on it so Halloween doesn't become a set back.  Students are highly encouraged to complete this assignment on Googledocs and share it with me BEFORE Halloween for feedback.  Clearly, Halloween is a busy evening, and sending it to me for feedback the night before it is due is not recommended, as I may not get a chance to look at it before it needs to be turned in.

Four total reading responses are due per trimester.  Two were due by October 15th.  Most students turned them in on time.  A few have not, and I am still waiting for them.  The final two reading responses for the trimester are due by November 30th.  Students have already received information regarding how to complete the fiction reading response journal prompt assignment, so they can start that one at any time.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Typing Reading Responses

Do you want to type your reading responses?  If so, that's easy...just follow these steps:

  • Teacher Websites...Mrs. Potvin (which will bring you to this site)
  • On the right side under the ELA tab, you will find blank templates for:   
           -Fiction Literature Response
           -Non-Fiction Literature Response
           - Biography/Autobiography

  • Click on the type of response you will be working on.  It should pop up, but there will be a blue box that reads "view only."  It is set in "view only" because if you typed on that one, it would change the template for everyone.
  • To fix this issue, go to file and click "make a copy."  This will allow you to type on the new one.
  • I suggest erasing the lines before you begin to type; otherwise, they will just keep scrolling down the page making your paper several pages longer and messier than needed!

   *** Another suggestion is to share your document with me right away.  Sometimes I view what you have started on my own, but if I have not commented on your paper it means I didn't see it yet.  Please let me know when you are finished and ready for feedback.  I will give you feedback before you hand it in for final grading.***

Friday, October 5, 2018

Homework for week on October 9th

  • "immaculate" WOW due Thursday, October 11th

  • Read 30 minutes nightly/Two reading responses due by October 15th

  • Social Studies quiz on Land & Climate AND Our Nation’s Resources Core Lessons on Thursday, October 11th

  • Movie Theme Assignment due Friday, November 2nd-students will be given the actual assignment and instructions on Tuesday; however, the direction may also be found to the right under the ELA category.

  • "Christmas Carol" field trip form due NO LATER than this FRIDAY, October 12th.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Journal Prompts Response

As you are aware, two of the four reading assignments for the trimester  are due by October 15th.  Students should be working on two of the following choices:

  • Fiction response
  • Non-fiction response
  • Biography response

Students and parents have been curious about the fourth reading response.  The fourth response is based on a second fiction book.  There is NO TEMPLATE for this assignment.  It is unique to each student as they have nine possible choices to choose from.  Thus far, as a class, we have done work around:
  • identifying conflict
  • identifying figurative language
  • identifying mood (how the author makes YOU feel as the reader through his/her words)
  • comparison of characters
  • realistic/unrealistic
  • identifying examples of irony 

IF your child is ready for this assignment, they should stick to choosing three of the above options.

As a reminder, there are nine total options.  Three will be chosen per trimester.

Please see the example to the right under the ELA tab.  As a class, we are reading RESTART and we have had class discussions about the book.  We will go over this example this week, but the concepts written about have already been taught in class.

Homework for Week of October 1st

  • "famished" W.O.W. due Thursday, October 4th. **Please remember, to earn a 3 in vocabulary usage, you must create a compound or a complex sentence.**
  • Read 30 minutes daily 
  • Two reading responses are due by October 15th.  At least one of these assignments should have been turned in already to ensure that there is enough time to complete the second one in a timely manner.

We have two upcoming field trips:

1. Mashantucket Pequot Museum on Friday, October 26th.  We need several parent chaperones, that already have current BCI checks on file, for this trip to keep the groups small. 

Cost for students: $24  
Cost for chaperones: $15

Money and permission slip are due by Friday, October 19th.

 2. Trinity Repertory Company on Wednesday, November 28th.  Only three parent chaperones are needed for this trip, and they will be chosen randomly.  I already have more than enough volunteers at this time.

Cost for student: $26.00
Cost for chaperone: $28.00

Money and permission slip, for this trip, are due by Friday, October 12th.  PLEASE pay with a separate check if you wish to chaperone, as some may be returned after the lottery.

**Also, if at all possible, please make out separate check for the Pequot Museum & Trinity.  It makes our book keeping much easier.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Continents and Oceans Quiz

There will be a quiz on the continents and oceans this upcoming Monday, October 1st.  Students have maps to study from, and they may use the links on Google Classroom that we used in class to study.