Thursday, March 8, 2018

Reading Responses for Trimester Three

Five total reading responses are due per trimester.

Four are standard:
-Journal prompts (Based on a fiction book)

**There are nine total journal prompts/each trimester students are to choose three different ones to focus on.**

Each trimester, there is an additional teacher created assignment. This assignment has not yet been determined.

Two of the five reading responses are due by Friday, April 27th

Biography Talk Show

The biography talk show will take place on Friday, March 9th for both ELA classes.  Students should be prepared to be in character tomorrow and know the responses to their questions without the guidance of papers or notecards.

Projects must be turned in following this order:

Cover Page
Five Paragraph EssayOne copy of interview questions (The 2nd copy will be given to your interviewer)Biography Book Report RubricBiography Interview Rubric

All stapled binders or plastic covers, please.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reading Response Reminder

Five total reading responses are due per trimester.

Four are standard:
-Journal prompts (Based on a fiction book)

Each trimester, there is an additional teacher created assignment.  This trimester is the Biography Project.  This DOES NOT take the place of the regularly assigned biography response.

The four standard assignments are due by FRIDAY, MARCH 2nd. (Two of these assignments were already due by January 24th)

The Biography Project is due THURSDAY, MARCH 8th.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Biography Project / Reading Responses

Five total reading responses are due per trimester.

Two reading responses were due on January 24th.  Two additional reading responses will be due by March 2nd.  Additionally, a  biography project will be due on Thursday, March 8th. Due to this fact, I will be suspending word of the week and reading log homework for some time. These two assignments will resume on March 12th. It is assumed that students will be reading nightly in order to  complete their reading assignments/biography projects on time.

Links to all portions of the project are available below:

Intro Letter for Biography Project
Project Overview
Interview Guidelines
Interview Questions
Sample Biography Essay Amelia Earhart
Book Report Rubric
Presentation Rubric

Students are encouraged to type their work in Googledocs and sent it to me for feedback prior to Tuesday, March 6th. I will not be providing feedback on March 7th, which is the night before the project is due.

All projects must be printed and be ready to turn in on March 8th.  NO printing will occur at school on March 8th.  If students need to use a school computer to print, they should be prepared to do so by March 7th at the latest.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Reading Responses

January 24th is the half way mark of the 2nd trimester.  It is expected that two reading responses will be turned in by this date.  ALL T2 responses are due by Friday, March 2nd.  The teacher assignment will be assigned shortly.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How Can I Help my Child to Become a Stronger Reader?

Five Tips from Scholastic:
1. Read aloud with your child. Find a comfortable spot where the two of you can read together every day for about 30 minutes. Take turns reading chapters from a book for pleasure, or read books that are above her reading level but are about things that interest her.
2. Encourage all reading. Comic books and magazines can provide a good reading experience. As long as they are age-appropriate, don't discourage his interest, but keep a stock of high-quality books in your home so he has other options easily available.
3. Keep a dictionary handy. Together, look up words she doesn't know and invest in a dictionary she can use on her own.
4. Use informative books. Encourage reading for information. If he has a science report, help him find books for his research rather than only going to the Web. While the Internet is an easy resource, teach him that books are often more detailed.
5. Discuss the books. Ask your child what an author's main theme is, how characters are alike or different, what she likes or dislikes about the story, and how it compares to other books she's read. Share your own thoughts.
Below are the types of reading skills practiced regularly in class:
  • Identify conflicts within your reading (man vs man, man vs self, man vs. nature) Explain what type of conflict(s) you are reading about and identify which type it falls under.
  • Make a text to text, text to self, or text to world connection.
  • Identify different examples of figurative language from your reading: metaphor, simile, hyperbole, idiom, personification, or  examples of alliteration.
  • What is the mood of your story? How does it make you, as the reader, feel while reading the story? Explain the situation. Why does it make you feel that way?
  • Identify a theme within your story.  Who learned what and explain how you know that this lesson was learned.  
  • Make a comparison between a character in this book and a character within another book.  Be specific.
  • Explain parts of the story that are realistic or unrealistic. Be specific about what is happening in the story and what makes it realistic or unrealistic?
  • Identify character traits that describe the actions of a character.  Identify evidence from the text to support your answer.
  • Describe examples of irony that you see in the story.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Where is my child in relation to completing trimester one reading responses?

On Friday, November 3rd, all students will receive a note stapled in their agenda indicating which reading responses they have completed.  If the response was completed, I have initialed the box.  If it is not initialed that means I did not receive that response yet.  All trimester one reading responses are due by Tuesday, November 28th.